March 16, 2023

Cheddar’s short guide to a wonderful Mother’s Day

With a lot of mums in the UK excited for Mother’s Day (Sunday 19th March), Cheddar will make sure mum ...

Luke Ladyman

For those who want to cook: 

You want to cook for your mum - “about time too” they may say! To start off, your fridge is looking a bit bare; let’s shop in Sainsbury’s for the starter and main, then maybe quickly pop into Co-op for the pudding!

For recipes, it’s only right to check the Sainsbury’s magazine which guarantees your ingredients will be available in the aisles (or order online for Friday 17th March).

For those who don’t want to cook:

We don’t blame you…it’s a Sunday after all. Order anything from Just Eat and benefit from free delivery, free cashback, and potentially a free meal!

Cheddar will be turning up the the cashback to 100% for 100 lucky users for their order on Sunday 19th March.

In 2023, we’ll be attending Pub In The Park with some amazing restaurants in attendance. You can check out the impressive list of restaurants for a mother’s day booking.

For those who want the day out:

So,  you want to spend your Mother’s Day to enjoy some attractions, but you’re not interested in the bog-standard stuff - enter the world of Madam Tussauds

Not only will you and your mum shamelessly pose next to Freddie Mercury, and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo, you will then plop yourself onto Tom Hardy’s lap (the wax figure unfortunately) and earn up to 4% cashback at the same time! 

For those who want the evening out:

After all that posing and cheeky flirting with Tom Hardy, you will probably want something else to do. Obviously, we’re in the spirit of Mother’s Day and mum needs her much needed dose of entertainment watching the Moulin Rouge with the London Theatre Direct. So why not gift mum tickets to see a show (or seven) this March or April and earn up to 6% cashback!

For the sentimental ones: 

Mother’s Day is mum’s moment to shine and for you to become the, ‘the goodest boy’! Mum naturally wants to feel special, so you’re going to gift her bespoke artwork that is designed by independent artists from around the world - and obviously earn cashback! 

Yes, Redbubble is where it’s at and you can earn up to 6% cashback on home decor pieces as well as clothes and accessories. Go crazy!

For the boujee ones (abbreviation of the French word, “bourgeois"):

Who’s mum doesn’t love a touch of luxury? If you want to remain her  favourite child, you’re going to have to work for it and shop at Amara. Gifts from Amara will leave mum feeling spoilt and her furniture looking fancy. And lucky for you, you can earn cashback - up to 10% of it!

FYI: You don’t think you’ll need it, but a new set of coasters will be a lifesaver and you’ll thank us later.

For those looking for a gift:

Life is expensive at present. Therefore, give (or request) cash as a present. You can actually send and receive money on Cheddar, directly to and from your bank account.

For all the mums out there, head to your Cheddar app, enter an amount, and send a gift request (fun GIF optionally). Saves everyone the stress of hunting for a present (or receiving something you don’t want for need).

Happy Mother’s Day!

There you have it, Cheddar’s guide to a wonderful Mother’s Day. We wish you and all the beautiful mums a day of love, good company and a whole lot of cashback!


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