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Supercharge your
bank accounts with
cashback & payments
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Join the UK’s largest bank powered rewards app in seconds.

Instant sign up. FCA regulated.
Cheddar Wallet
Shop and earn at the brands you ♥ with automatic cashback!
Make purchases with your linked accounts
and get cashback from top UK retailers!
Faster payments
without the fuss!
Pay and get paid on any platform or in
person with links and QR codes.
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Unlock tons of free benefits by linking your bank accounts
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Link a bank account
Works with most major UK banks & credit cards
Earn automatic cashback when you shop
Cashback Notification
Pay & get paid by bank transfer, without bank details.
Use iMessage, WhatsApp, or whatever way you want to chat
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Pay now, buy later & earn instant cashback with prepaid gift cards
Digital cards instantly available in the app for 50+ brands
Coming soon!
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Join our growing community of money savers
Demi Jackson
5 stars

“A reliable, effortless way to make money back on your purchases...

Love it!”

Jason Hamilton
5 stars

“As a personal trainer, cheddar has made digital payments seamless for not only me by my clients too.

They don’t have to run to the cash point or set up my bank details every session!”

Justine Hughes
5 stars

"Link your cards via open banking and that’s it, the cashback tracks automatically.

When I asked for a payout it was in my bank straight away."