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Promote your brand on Cheddar to new and existing customers, targeted and measured using actual bank transactions

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Drive loyalty & revenue with relevant cashback offers to an engaged community of shoppers


We use open banking technology to create a complete picture of user purchasing behaviour, enabling hyper-targeting based on actual spend.

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Cheddar connects the UK’s biggest brands with customers who matter most

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Join 150+ brands already leveraging our rich customer data and unprecedented targeting capabilites to reliably acquire new customers and retain existing ones.

Create campaigns that resonate

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We’ve developed our own ecosystem for delivering desired messaging to your target audience.

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Marketing that works for everyone

Our platform is designed with consumer privacy built in, delivering next generation performance and value for advertisers.

We show offers based on advertisers goals and match them to people who might be interested based on their spend data and how they’ve interacted with Cheddar, without advertisers learning who the consumers are.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we’re a trusted body for protecting sensitive account information.

Measurable performance & insights

Leverage powerful data and tools to see whats working, what you need to adjust, where your customers are shopping, and where you may have more opportunities to maximise campaign results to reach your goals.

Drive customer loyalty & revenue

Case study: in-store groceries at the UK’s largest supermarket

Objective: re-activate lapsed customers
with a targeted cashback offer to users that spent less than a set amount in the previous 12 months
Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
Increase in Purchase Frequency

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Our platform gives you easy and flexible campaign management options and a variety of objectives to drive revenue and loyalty for your brand.

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