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How does Cheddar work?

You can pay quickly in a few steps:
Select your bankAccess your bank app as normal (or log into your internet banking)Check the pre-filled payment detailsConfirm the payment as you normally do with your bankDone. Money should be with the recipient immediately.

Is Cheddar available to everyone?

Cheddar is available to everyone with an account and internet banking at one of the following:

Allied Irish Bank
Bank of Ireland

Don’t see your bank? We’re adding additional partners constantly. Get notified when your bank launches here.

Is Cheddar secure?

Yes. Cheddar is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and meets the highest security requirements. All data is encrypted and all payments require bank level authorisation.

Cheddar payment requests will always start with https://chddr.me/pay/

If it doesn’t, do not click the link and instead report misuse.

Do I need my card reader to make a payment?

Most banks allow you to make payments without using a card reader. Sometimes, you need to use a reader the first time you pay a friend. This is dependent on your bank’s policy and outside of Cheddar’s control.

Is Cheddar free?

Yes. We do not charge any fees for consumers to make payments.

Reporting misuse

If you suspect that a payment request is not legitimate, you can report misuse here. Check our privacy statement for details.

Having trouble?

Search our in app help section

What is Cheddar?

Cheddar is a free, person-to-person payments app that enables users to request, receive and send money instantly.

Cheddar (noun)

  1. Yellow cheese, originally made in Cheddar, England
  2. Slang for MONEY 💷"

How does Cheddar work?

Users connect their existing bank accounts to make and take direct payments. No funds are stored with Cheddar, avoiding the need to load and unload balances.

Requests and payments can be made using phone numbers, Cheddar tags (a user's unique handle), scanning QR codes or tapping pay link requests.

Pay link requests can be pasted into existing messaging channels for sharing, including whats app, iMessage, instagram DM/Bio, twitch and more.

Why would I use Cheddar instead of my bank account?

Cheddar removes hassle from social payments, including:

  1. The awkwardness of asking for money
  2. Contactless, germ free
  3. Needing to share and enter sort codes and account numbers (with 100% accuracy)
  4. Having to chase for payments to be sent
  5. Having to check for payments being received
  6. Payments are instant and actionable in seconds (no more ""cheque's in the post"")
  7. Added security (no bank details shared)"

Is Cheddar available to everyone

Cheddar will soon be available in the UK. All you'll need is a UK bank account and a smartphone.

Join our waitlist for early entry.

Will you ever charge for Cheddar?

Cheddar will always have a 100% free app for customers, with no fees (not even hidden ones).

Will Cheddar be secure

Cheddar is one of the most secure forms of payment as each transaction is authorised with bank level security.

Payments are only ever made with users explicit consent, with credentials only ever shared with your bank (Cheddar has zero visibility of your security details).

What if my friends don't have Cheddar?

No problem - you can still send them payment requests which they can settle without a Cheddar account.

Is Cheddar regulated?

Yes. Cheddar is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Is Cheddar hiring?

We're rapidly expanding. You can keep up-to-date with our open positions on our careers page.

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