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A new era of
customer rewards.

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Cheddar leverages open banking data to paint a complete picture of customers from their purchasing behaviour so you can reach different customers with different offers.

Attract the customers
who matter most.

Cheddar’s rich customer data and unprecedented targeting capabilities enable you to reliably reach new customers who should be spending with you.

Increase AOV and
frequency of spend.

Drive cost-effective growth from your existing customer base and unlock its hidden value. Align your offers with your marketing strategy to hit your business goals.

Access customer
insights few others have.

Where do your customers spend when not with you? What is your share of wallet geographically, demographically? Optimise your marketing initiatives and learn about your customers.

Get started in
5 mins.

IT member with laptop crossed out
No need to involve IT

No integrations required, in fact it takes 5 mins to set up.

iPhone with no data transfer
No data exchange

We collect the data from our users so we don’t need to use yours.

Notepad with big green check
Only pay for results

No retainer and no set up fee, only pay on sales we drive.

What is Open Banking?
Open Banking gives consumers ownership of their transaction data and enables them to share it safely with third parties.
What offer should I choose?
We segment users into new, lapsed and existing customers and enable you to vary your offer to each. You can now be more competitive to new customers and more measured with your existing base.
How are you different from card-linked offers?
Users pay via any method to earn cashback. In return, we have a full view of the wallet, past and present, and unprecedented targeting capabilities to drive incremental revenue.
Is there a minimum offer?
As opposed to broadcasting the same offer to everyone, Cheddar enables you to vary your targeting to different customer segments. As you only pay for performance, you decide how compelling you’d like your offer to be.

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