March 23, 2023

Meet Cheddar's Operations Specialist, Mustafa Hussain

What does being an Operations Specialist involve at Cheddar? As an Operations Specialist, the primary focus ...

Luke Ladyman

Give us a brief history of your time before Cheddar?

After graduating and deciding not to pursue a career in Accounting, I spent several years working in credit analysis for niche consumer lending start-ups, helping them grow and scale. Then, during Covid, I decided to take a leap into the exciting world of Fintech and enrolled at the University of Oxford (Said Business School) to learn more about Open Banking, A.I and the changing face of finance.

What excites you most about Cheddar?

Aside from a great founding team and fantastic product, Cheddar provides immense value to our users and brands alike - and we are only just scratching the surface!

Most used cashback brand?

As a major foodie, I’d have to say Just Eat! Closely followed by Trainline when travelling to the office to sync with the team.

What may people find interesting about you outside of creating Cheddar?

I have green fingers. Last summer, I successfully grew 17 chilli plants of varying heats (Cheddar and Habanero anyone?) I’m also a massive Harry Potter fan having read the books multiple times and even applying to be an extra - 10 points to Gryffindor if you spot me.

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