March 3, 2023

Meet Cheddar's New Partnerships Lead, Barney Wright.

Expanding on the partnerships team, we wanted to introduce our amazing New Partnerships Lead who's ...

Luke Ladyman

What does New Partnerships Lead involve at Cheddar?

My day mostly involves outreach to new contacts at the exciting brands we’d most like to welcome to the Cheddar platform. The aim is to discuss the goals that their businesses would most like to achieve, and how Cheddar can align with that mission. Hearing all about the specific audiences they’d most like to engage with is really important - many that I speak with are trying hard to break the mould and diversify. The evolving digital age makes this a dynamic challenge! And it’s my job to introduce people to the Cheddar way of conquering it.

Give us a brief history of your time before Cheddar?

I completed a film-making degree in 2018, and since then worked in a variety of sales roles, from property lettings to automotive sales - and most recently, at a rapidly growing cyber security start-up. For a long while I also created written and video tutorial content for a software company, and even ran my own catering business on the side!

What excites you most about Cheddar?

I think the fact that Cheddar has a little bit for everyone. What’s not to like about earning money back on your daily spends, wherever you shop? It definitely takes away some of the pain when you’re reminded that some of your hard-earned cash is headed back your way. I also LOVE the app - the user experience is so refined, and everyone I’ve introduced it to so far agrees. I’m pretty impatient with dodgy tech, and would be the first to delete a frustrating app without giving it a chance - but our rewards/payments process is so seamless. Cheddar’s here to stay.

What may people find interesting about you outside of creating Cheddar?

I actually grew up in Spain and still divide a lot of my time between there and the UK. Remote work FTW 👊

Most used cashback brand?

Has to be Trainline! Using a greener method of transport is even sweeter with some Cashback sprinkled in.

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